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Mercedes cars found to be fitted with defeat devices by authorities

13 June 2018

Five models in total are reported to be affected, including the volume-selling Mercedes C-Class - the UK's ninth most popular auto a year ago - and GLC SUV variants. After the manufacturer was ordered by Germany's Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) to recall the Mercedes Vito examples powered by a 1.6-liter diesel engine, it is now reported KBA has discovered no less than five defeat devices in Daimler engines.

Daimler declined to comment on the 1 million vehicles figure, but said it is cooperating fully and transparently with the KBA and Germany's Transport Ministry.

Mr Scheuer said that Daimler was willing to work "with co-operative transparency" with the government and "at maximum speed".

Dieter Zetsche, chairman of Mercedes' parent company Daimler, is believed to have met with the KBA to discuss their findings.

Vehicles kept to legal emissions limits for harmful substances like nitrogen oxides during lab tests, only to exceed them as much as 40 times in on-road driving.

Germany can only order the recall of vehicles within its own borders, or of those vehicles issued with a pan-European road-worthiness certification via German authorities.

The report of the devices - which modify an engine's exhaust management software to behave differently during emissions testing - closely mirrors the Dieselgate scandal that struck German carmaker Volkswagen in September 2015.

The scandal has so far cost the world´s largest carmaker over 25 billion euros ($29.5 billion) in fines, buybacks and compensation, and senior executives are under investigation over their suspected roles in the cheating.

The German government should approve hardware, rather than software alterations to manipulated vehicles to produce "an honest solution" to excessive emissions, Dudenhoeffer charged.

"In our integrated emission control systems, there are several hundred functions interlocked with each other, which can not be considered independently from each other", a Daimler spokesperson told The Drive.

Mercedes cars found to be fitted with defeat devices by authorities