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'Lindsey Graham is a danger to the country,' Rand Paul says

13 June 2018

Sen. Rand Paul unloaded on Sen.

Paul spoke with Wolf Blitzer today about the imminent denuclearization summit in Singapore.

"I wanted to stop the war games, I thought they were very provocative, but I also think they're very expensive", when asked if he discussed pulling USA troops out of South Korea with Kim Jong Un", Trump said in an interview with ABC News.

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of SC joins "CBS This Morning" from Washington to discuss why the historic summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is an "agreement in principle".

"Senator Lindsey Graham, your colleague, he wants an authorization for the use of military force in case the talks fail", Paul said.

Graham continued by saying he did support stopping the drills, but in order "to give North Korea some breathing space to see if we can get a deal", noting that "the money we spend training with our allies is money well spent". "So that should be something that is seen as naive and seen as something that really serious people shouldn't even be discussing". "He can have a membership at Trump National [golf course], I really don't care how generous we are as long as we don't go too far when it comes to our troop presence".

"Well, if you've watched over time, I think what you've seen with Lindsey Graham is a naive worldview where he believes that war is always the answer, and that also means that expenditures for war are always the answer", Paul said.

"There is no threat to America that Senator Paul will not retreat from", he added.

'Lindsey Graham is a danger to the country,' Rand Paul says