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Jogger throws homeless man's clothes into Lake Merritt

13 June 2018

J.J. Harris posted the video to social media on Friday and it had garnered thousands of retweets and shares, according to FOX2.

In an odd twist, another Facebook livestream video taken Saturday shows a jogger, who the Chronicle notes appears to be the same man, knee-deep in the lake fishing items out.

Jogger in Oakland, California throws homeless man's belongings into lake, trash can. Supporters, who have raised almost $2,000 for the man since the Friday incident, identified him as Drew. "That was an accident", he responds, while continuing to rifle through the possessions of the man, who has been identified as Drew and is not present during the incident. While the man allegedly tossed some of the items into nearby Lake Merritt, he wasn't actually caught on camera doing so.

Bystanders can be heard pleading for the jogger to stop, but he insists that he's picking up trash. Another said that people shouldn't have to go through "trash" while they jog or walk.

"His stuff is in the corner, not blocking the walkway", Harris said, adding that he had chose to start filming when he realized the jogger was trashing someone's belongings. They said they couldn't do anything because the homeless man's possessions are considered debri [sic].

He said he has been checking in on the homeless man "every day".

The fundraising effort was started by Kenzie Smith, the man at the center of the Lake Merritt barbecuing while black controversy, which began when police were called on him for barbecuing with a charcoal grill by the lake back in April.

Harris told KTVU that he sees the homeless man every day at the lake and always gives him a nod. "I was sad about the whole situation and angry", Harris told Raw Story following the incident, explaining that the homeless person was well known by locals and had been living in that spot for a while. "I was thinking of the Childish Gambino song is in my blood now, thinking "This is America". We can use our phones for good.

"We're disgusted that someone thought it was OK to treat Drew this way and want to show him through our care that what happened to him is unacceptable".

Oakland officials urge residents to call 311 to report debris or hazardous material.

"It's getting insane over here with gentrification", he said. It's not ok to destroy someone's things just because they are homeless.

City Councilmember McElhaney said it's illegal for any individual to steal, vandalize, or trash someone's belongings.

"I feel the frustration of both sides, now I will say clearly that was not appropriate", she said.

"This was a dick head move", wrote one user.

"People who are interested in maintaining our public parks may volunteer with OakPRYD -by becoming a park steward or joining any of the numerous volunteer groups that contribute to our civic pride".