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Guatemala’s Volcano of Fire emits another hot sediment flow

13 June 2018

111 people have been confirmed dead since the massive eruption started on June 3rd.

"We make recommendations, and it's the residents who decide whether to evacuate or not".

As the rubble from the deadly ash, debris and fire, buried over 200 individuals, a woman's search to find her missing family began. "But here, since the people have nothing to offer him, he leaves this part as a burial ground", William Chavez, a 29-year-old accounting student who was helping with rescue efforts in the village of San Miguel Los Lotes, told AP.

"My family is buried".

U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, was also in attendance and said that she is asking that temporary protective status is considered for numerous Guatemalans who may flee the country.

Officials search efforts for the missing were suspended for the third straight day on Saturday amid unsafe conditions, but in places like San Miguel Los Lotes families and volunteers continued the search.

Authorities later admitted they were late in warning locals to flee.

Guatemala's volcanic institute said in a Friday morning statement that ash reached heights of up to 19,700 feet in two of the canyons where flows accumulated.

"The [flows] carry hot vapor, including fine particles similar to cement. and tree trunks dragged out by the current", the institute said.

"I'd like our hometown airlines to help get these goods to where the people need them", she said.

Though formal search efforts have been suspended until the volcano stabilizes, some people are still searching for their missing relatives.

The US government said it was sending emergency aid at Guatemala's request, while Mexican authorities sent doctors to help survivors with severe burns, at least seven of whom, in critical condition, were transferred across the border into Mexico.

Guatemala’s Volcano of Fire emits another hot sediment flow