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"Greatest achievement" of summit was trust-building between Kim, Trump: Seoul

13 June 2018

Around the same time, Mr. Trump had an idea about how to counter the nuclear threat posed by North Korea, which he got after speaking to Russian President Vladimir Putin: If the USA stopped joint military exercises with the South Koreans, it could help moderate Kim Jong Un's behavior.

President Donald Trump made history with a handshake in his face-to-face meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in Singapore.

The U.S. Forces Korea (USFK) said later that it has received no updated guidance on the execution or cessation of training exercises, including the UFG slated for August. "We will be there together with North Korea along the way".

China shares a border with North Korea and is the country's largest trading partner.

While many support the close military co-operation with the United States as a key ally for the security it provides, critics say they are an unnecessary provocation and stand in the way of easing tensions with Pyongyang. It is said that in accordance with the compliance of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (the official name of North Korea DPRK) and development of the situation the UNSC will consider relief or lift the sanctions on DPRK.

"We would like to seek an understanding of this between Japan, the USA and South Korea", Onodera was quoted as saying.

"North Korea has committed to a complete denuclearisation".

China has repeatedly called for a "freeze-for-freeze" or "dual suspension" initiative, in North Korea suspends its nuclear program in exchange for the USA and South Korea to suspend their joint military exercises in the region.

In his media briefing in Singapore on Tuesday, Trump mentioned ending the drills, which he described - in language similar to that used by North Korea - as "provocative", saying it would save the the US money. "I know a lot about airplanes; it's very expensive".

Currently, the United States has 28,500 personnel in South Korea.

Trump spun the concession as a money-saving decision, as well as a goodwill gesture to Kim.

Pompeo arrived in Seoul on Wednesday evening and will meet Thursday with senior South Korean and Japanese leaders to brief them on the June 12 summit before continuing on to Beijing.

In calling exercises "provocative", Mr Trump also adopted language used by North Korea in its regular criticisms of the the drills.

However, dismantling Pyongyang's nuclear weapons programme will present a daunting challenge.

Hyuki Ahn, who is the Jecheon, South Korea, society president of the Sister Cities Association of Spokane, said she has been talking with siblings in South Korea daily about the summit.

Although Trump claimed credit on Tuesday evening for the breakthrough - saying "a different president" had put relations on a more productive course - Bishop said on Wednesday morning that the sanctions had been an important catalyst in drawing Kim to the table.