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China wants UN Security Council to lift sanctions on North Korea

13 June 2018

President Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un concluded an extraordinary nuclear summit Tuesday with the USA president pledging unspecified "security guarantees" to the North and Kim recommitting to the "complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula".

Mr Trump said he urged Mr Kim and other North Korean officials to watch the four-minute video during the Singapore summit.

The White House said the daylong summit would also include a working lunch and a larger meeting involving aides to both leaders. And today is a great day for everybody.

"Once I got familiar with the culture and situation, I felt like I was at home", he said of his previous trips to the reclusive country, initially as part of a basketball delegation. I want to start that process.

"It's incredible, it's wonderful", Rodman said. "I'm - you know, he can have a membership at Trump National [golf course] - I really don't care how generous we are as long as we don't go too far when it comes to our troop presence".

It may have all been smiles and handshakes in Singapore. "I want to bring our soldiers back home".

It had been made in America, by or on the orders of his White House, for the benefit of Kim. I'm out of it.

Joint U.S. and South Korea military exercises occur regularly on the Korean Peninsula and have long angered North Korea, with Mr. Kim - like his father and grandfather before him - having called the drills a preparation for invasion of the North and seized on them as an impetus for hurling threats at Washington and Seoul.

With the joint statement under his belt, Kim can now count on China and Russian Federation to argue on his behalf to start easing economic sanctions on North Korea. "I was sitting up protecting everything", said Rodman. "But I kept my head up high, brother".

"No, I think I've helped them, because I think things will change".

Ambassador Joseph DeTrani, who served as a top US negotiator with Pyongyang before the last attempt at diplomacy broke down in 2009, was more optimistic. "It was a period of time where I was saying, what are they doing?" he said.":Every week it seems another missile going up.

North Korean observers have noted that the country's dictatorial ruling family has always wanted to meet with a USA president for the symbolism and recognition inherent in such a summit.

Sebastian Gorka praised President Trump after his summit with Kim Jong Un that went "beyond all expectations". "I am so happy", Rodman, visibly shaking and crying, said.

"Yeah, he's de-nuking, I mean he's de-nuking the whole place".

Discussing his relationship with Kim, Rodman said the North Korea dictator was "more like a big kid" who "loves to have a good time".

Several reporters asked whether Mr Trump had raised the issue of human rights with Mr Kim, who runs a totalitarian regime with extreme censorship and forced-labour camps.

Watching reactions to the Singapore summit as it unfolded became the ultimate foreign policy Rorschach test - everyone came away with a different picture of what happened.

Kim said that the "world will see a major change" and he and Trump "decided to leave the past behind" as they put pen to paper. It ain't gotta be war.

China wants UN Security Council to lift sanctions on North Korea