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White House Trade Official Backs Away From His Insult to Trudeau

12 June 2018

"Don't blame Trump. It was Trudeau who started blasting Trump after he left, after the deals had been made".

Donald Trump's tirade against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's statement after the G7 summit may not have been related to Ottawa's stance on USA tariffs on steel and aluminum, Canadian based media The Star reported.

"Certainly having officials in one government criticize the head of government in another country, I don't think I've ever seen that before", he said.

Unbowed, Trump tweeted anew Monday morning from Singapore, repeating his criticism of USA trade policies with Canada - he also took aim at Germany - in a multitweet rant that went beyond 200 words all told.

At a press conference Saturday, Trudeau recommitted to imposing retaliatory tariffs on USA goods in response to Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs.

Mr Trump's advisers said the U.S. president believed he had been stabbed in the back by Mr Trudeau over United States tariffs.

The remarks caused Trump to bash the Canadian leader on Twitter and refuse to sign the official G7 communique - a mostly symbolic but important gesture.

At that post-G7 press conference on Saturday, Trudeau had called USA steel and aluminum tariffs "insulting" and said he would proceed with retaliatory tariffs that he'd already announced. Minimum is 17B. Tax Dairy from us at 270%.

"There's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with Donald J. Trump", said Peter Navarro, a top Trump trade advisor. "And that's what bad faith Justin Trudeau did with that stunt press conference". On Saturday, he called the Canadian prime minister "very dishonest and weak".

Trump aides accused Trudeau of betrayal of Trump for his statement on retaliation. National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow also lambasted the Canadian prime minster during a CNN interview on Sunday.

He said ongoing USA overproduction in the dairy industry is to blame for the American dairy industry's current economic challenges. "I don't know what it might be, but the message that the president sent was so strong to one of our allies that I really don't understand why they would do that unless he truly felt that there had been a violation of trust". "He did a great disservice to the whole G7".

Addressing reporters in Singapore ahead of Trump's summit Tuesday with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Pompeo said he was "unconcerned" that Trump's treatment of Canada - a close ally - boded poorly for his ability to forge peace with a longtime USA adversary.

Trump took time at his news conference to explain a photo that went viral from the G7 summit.

White House Trade Official Backs Away From His Insult to Trudeau