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Uber driver accused of kicking lesbian couple out of vehicle over kiss

12 June 2018

A same-sex couple claim they were kicked out of an Uber by its driver because they were kissing.

Iovine and her girlfriend Emma Pichl are still upset after being thrown from that Uber vehicle. We were sitting on opposite sides of the backseat. "At one point we leaned over and pecked kiss, very fast".

Uber CEO Dana Khosrowshahi said the driver doesn't "belong driving, period". One of the women pulled out her phone and started recording. She thought he was joking, ' Iovine, an advertising technology consultant, said.

She said they had had two drinks at the Gowanus bar, but were far from drunk.

"He yelled at us for being disrespectful and inappropriate because we pecked on the lips", Iovine.

They immediately got their phone out and began recording the confrontation, which quickly went from bad to worse.

When they protest, telling him that "kissing is not illegal", he insists they're wrong, saying: "Yes, it is illegal". And by tidying up after yourself - whether it's taking your trash home or cleaning up a spilled drink - you'll keep the vehicle in good condition and ensure the next person has a pleasant ride, too. "You are not allowed to do this", he can be heard saying.

The couple questioned him about his decision and asked him why they were not allowed to kiss.

The driver is seen exclaiming in the video that what the couple did is illegal.

The couple become enraged, threatening to call police.

'It's illegal, ' he said. "It's not illegal to kiss in NY". "It's disrespectful", El Boutari says.

"I don't give a s-- about them. I didn't feel comfortable with them", he said. But please don't comment on someone's appearance or ask whether they are single. Elbotari said that he would do the same for a straight couple, but admitted that he has less tolerance for a same-sex couple.

Uber refunded the $22 fare and apologized to her for the inconvenience. "We are investigating and will take appropriate action".

The spokesperson said that both the rider and the driver reported the incident.

The 26-year-old also filed a complaint with the city's Human Right's Commission.

In a statement, the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) described the driver's alleged behavior as "blatantly discriminatory" and "repugnant", WABC reported.

"We've reached out to the victim, and will be starting the investigation today", Fromberg said.

'Obviously, he's homophobic. I was very surprised. I haven't experienced homophobic behaviour in the city.

Five minutes later, according to Pichl, the driver "pulled the cab over and said 'you should not do not do that'". "It was a good lesson to show it can happen to you anywhere".

She said she believed that the driver took offense on the basis of his religion.

Uber driver accused of kicking lesbian couple out of vehicle over kiss