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Intel’s Core i7-8086K Overclocks Like A Beast At 7.24GHz

11 June 2018

It now turns out that Intel forgot to mention an important detail: the 5GHz processors were overclocked, a lot, using chilled water coolers capable of handling thermal loads of up to 1.77kW.

"The Intel Core i7-8086K processor is also the first Intel processor to deliver up to 5.0 GHz single-core turbo frequency out of the box, fully unlocked for overclocking", says Intel on its website (via PC Gamer).

This 28 Core Core-X HEDT Processor is based on the Xeon Platinum die and will be available for the already existing X299 platform.

At Computex this year, Intel celebrated its 50th anniversary as a company, and the 40th anniversary of the x86 architecture.

Intel's limited edition Core i7-8086K was released on Friday for the price of $425, and it can be found on Amazon, Best Buy and Newegg.

When Der8auer overclocked Intel's last CPU, the Core i7-8700K, on which the Core i7-8086K is based, he managed to get its clock speed to 7.3GHz.

Furthermore, the i7-8086K Limited Edition will be compatible with 300-series chipset meaning if you have a Coffee-Lake system then all you need is the processor to replace your current 8th gen Coffee-Lake CPU.

Part of getting a record overclock is about finding a top-performing chip, as they all have slight variances (whether you get a good one with higher tolerances for overclocking is referred to as the "silicon lottery"), and Der8auer had a much bigger selection of 8700K CPUs to work with when he clocked up 7.3GHz. We don't know what platform/chipset this will use (though it's likely to be a close relative to the comparable server platform).

Intel’s Core i7-8086K Overclocks Like A Beast At 7.24GHz