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Ghost Giant Revealed For PlayStation VR

11 June 2018

In the trailer shown we can see that the game is based on the relationship between the ghost giant (that's you) and the small animal inhabitants of the town, specifically Lewis.

According to a post on the official PlayStation website, in the game you play as the Ghost Giant, a friend and protector of a little boy named Louis.

Today, Zoink Games - the developer behind the recently released Fe and the upcoming Flipping Death - announced Ghost Giant, a new adorable looking adventure for PlayStation VR.

Details are a little sketchy right now but the Ghost Brain of the title is you - it looks like you need to help the main character Louis with various puzzles and tasks. And a giant you are indeed! During your time as a Ghost Giant not only will you be helping Lewis with the family sunflower farm that he runs with his mother but will be able to interact with furniture, vehicles, and trees. Players will be able to rotate and open entire buildings as well to uncover what is happening within. You use your strength and presence to help solve challenges by moving things around as Louis goes about life in Sancourt. That is, until you enter his life.

The studio has also tied up with writer Sara Bergmark Elfgren - "Whose work ranges from novels to graphic novels to screenplays, and has been translated to 25 languages". Introducing Ghost Giant, in which the player unsurprisingly becomes a mountainous friendly ghost with massive translucent hands. While they often involve heavy lifting, your most important role is less physical.

Ghost Giant Revealed For PlayStation VR