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Focus on winning over Scots to independence from UK, Sturgeon tells SNP

11 June 2018

She highlighted a new social attitudes survey released on Friday [8 June] which showed that there was now more confidence in the economy of an independent Scotland than in the United Kingdom, a first in the 18 year history of the survey.

She will also repeat her call for immigration policy to be devolved to the Scottish Parliament.

Asked specifically if a second referendum was possible before Brexit, she said: "Anything in life is possible".

Giving her the clearest indication yet that she will not announce another referendum later this year, she said the "fog of Brexit" must be allowed to clear before a date was named.

There will be live coverage of the speech on the BBC news website, and on BBC2 Scotland.

He stressed that the First Minister was still "committed" to updating the Scottish Parliament about her plans for a re-run of 2014's referendum in the autumn.

But she pulled back from that after last year's snap general election, which saw the SNP lose 21 of the seats it had won in Westminster two years before.

"Scotland is a welcoming country - our prosperity and our public services depend on it".

"If Westminster can not or will not act in our best interests, it is time that our own parliament was able to do so ..."

"But decision time is looming for the Conservative government - they can respect the Scottish Parliament or they can do what a lot of people in Scotland have long suspected, prove that they can't be trusted with devolution".

Nicola Sturgeon on the Andrew Marr show
Nicola Sturgeon on the Andrew Marr show Credit PA

The report examines the economic options for an independent Scotland, and proposes keeping the pound and embarking on a major deficit reduction programme in the first years after leaving the UK.

A new Building Scotland Fund, which for the next two years will cover the work the Scottish National Investment Bank will do once established.

"The Growth Commission provides the platform on which we will renew the case for independence", she said.

Prof Ponsati had been working as the director of the School of Economics and Finance at the University of St Andrews since January 2016, before being appointed as the Catalan government's education minister a year ago.

With the Scottish Government having already pledged to nearly double free early years education to 1,140 hours by the end of this Parliament, she spoke out about how this policy would not only help families but give the country an "economic boost" too.

What's happened at the conference so far?

"The SNP leader opened her speech by talking about yet more North Sea oil extraction and the second point was about the opening of a new dual carriageway".

After being announced as the victor, Mr Brown urged activists to "get ready" for a second independence referendum.

On Saturday morning, Scotland's Brexit secretary, Michael Russell, told delegates that the idea of a "good Brexit" was a fantasy.

"I don't know where it takes us if they are prepared to rip up this convention", Ms Sturgeon said.

Focus on winning over Scots to independence from UK, Sturgeon tells SNP