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Final Fantasy XV Mod Tools Now Available

11 June 2018

Final Fantasy XV was already a big title when it came out on Xbox One and PS4, but when the Windows Edition arrived on PC, it opened up the title to the possibilities of mods. Why play as the sullen goth Noctis when you could lead your band of buddies as Gordon Freeman, crowbar at the ready?

You can, for example, use Kratos' Leviathan Axe from God of War by downloading Steam user TheJoJoNetwork's mod. You'll find keyblades from Kingdom Hearts, The Monado from Xenoblade Chronicles, and.er.a headless version of your companion Prompto that you can now whack enemies with.

It's good that Square Enix have followed through with this promise, as Final Fantasy XV is a game that can only be improved by turning Ignis into Thomas the Tank Engine. The update includes several minor bug fixes, but its highlight feature is the mod option menu, otherwise known as the Mod Organizer, exclusive to the Windows Edition. The mod function is a toolbox and what you do with it depends entirely on the creativity of the community, yourself included! You know, like change the appearances of the characters? More importantly, the organizer also simplifies the process of developing weapon mods.

Final Fantasy 15 Releases Mod Tools
Final Fantasy XV Mod Organizer is now available for download

What can you do using the Final Fantasy 15 Mod Support via Steam though?

Right now, Mod Organizer limits you to creating new outfits, new character models, and adding new weapons. This is not a 3D model creator in any way, but lets you build the model data you need to turn all sort of assets into mods.

Now, the Mod Organizer isn't a universal tool. Perhaps we can look forward to one of your creations in the workshop.

Final Fantasy XV Mod Tools Now Available