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Announcement and Gameplay: Dying Light 2 E3 Trailers

11 June 2018

Best known for his work in RPGs like Fallout, Avellone's involvement signals a significant evolution for the series, with decisions you make in the story having a significant impact on the surrounding city and its residents.

Dying Light 2 take place farther along in a post-apocalyptic timeline where humanity has technically survived - but no longer resembles the society we know. That was the tagline of Dying Light, Techland's open-world zombie game from 2015.

We'll be checking out Dying Light 2 at E3, so check back later in the week for our preview.

Techland has officially announced that Dying Light 2 is under development, and has shared the first gameplay trailer. Also, one of the biggest and most important facets of the game is making choices. As for the kind of decisions you make, whatever you decide to do in certain events will affect the world around you. It has been revealed that Chris Avellone, renown game designer and writer, is the game's narrative designer as well as co-author of the "Modern Dark Ages" setting. As you explore, you'll be "carving out your own world".

As a result, every single playthrough will be different and each player will experience different things. Enemies are tougher etc. etc.

Announcement and Gameplay: Dying Light 2 E3 Trailers