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Port Burwell: tick positive for Lyme Disease

10 June 2018

Residents are invited to bring clothing (one set of trousers, socks and shoes) that they would like to treat with permethrin, which is an effective barrier to tick bites.

While Lyme disease is not an outsized risk in Yolo County, it is still possible to contract it.

Lyme, caused by bites from certain kinds of ticks, can be hard to detect.

Deer ticks thrive in tall grasses, woods and bushes, the health unit advised.

Southwestern Public Health (successor to Elgin St. Thomas Public Health) announced Wednesday morning, June 6, that a black legged deer tick collected from the Port Burwell area has tested positive for the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease.

Lyme disease can lead to arthritic symptoms, cardiac issues, extreme fatigue/weakness and nervous system disorders, if left untreated. Watch out for signs and symptoms of Lyme disease in the subsequent weeks.

Disease from mosquitoes and ticks range from mild to severe. Taking precautions while hiking or camping is the best way to avoid a tick bite. Wear closed toed shoes, long sleeve shirts that fit tightly around the wrist, and long-legged trousers tucked into your socks or boots.

He said the good news is that most tick-borne illnesses can be treated easily with antibiotics. It is also suggested that people tuck the legs of their trousers into their socks. For those who camp or hike often, it could be worthwhile to invest in tick repellent clothing. This makes it even more important to remain vigilant while spending time outdoors and keeping an eye out for symptoms of Lyme disease. Although not all ticks carry the nasty infection, their population and areas they are found in are growing.

There is only one recommended method of tick removal.

Remove ticks: To remove a tick, use tweezers and grip the body firmly and pull straight out of the skin. Twisting the tick can result in releasing the fluids inside the animal and increasing the risk of disease transmission. The rash develops usually at the area of the tick bite and is usually bullseye-shaped. You can now submit a photo of a tick to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for identification.

Yolo County Vector Control can be contacted at 800-429-1022, and is located at 1234 Fortuna Avenue in Woodland.

Port Burwell: tick positive for Lyme Disease