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PUBG Dev Team promises optimisation and performance fixes

29 May 2018

And in a recent Steam post, the developers, Bluehole has admitted that it has "fallen short" on its promise to address the performance issues in the game.

"PUBG" is in the headlines yet again after developers acknowledged their shortcomings in dealing with reported performance issues of the PC game. Today we want to change that by talking in-depth about the things we're prioritising. The game still runs absolutely horribly on any system, while Fortnite runs smooth as silk, offers cross-platform play, is free to play and is a much more consumer-friendly game as they are constantly releasing content for players to enjoy as opposed to PUBG that has been lacking in the latter.

We think it's safe to say that Fortnite is not a simple game anymore, it's more of a cultural phenomenon. The developer admits that in the wake of the past few patches, there has been a "big increase in complaints about performance problems", among then unpredictable drops in framerates, stuttering, and just overall sluggish performance.

We've discovered that when vehicles move over many different types of ground materials quickly, too many effects are produced, causing players' GPUS to overload.

Another cause of GPU overloading (and FPS drops) has to do with the way lighting effects are processed. However, many more will be glad that the developer is being a lot more clear about its efforts. According to the developers, that will no longer be the case, saying, "We're planning to push updates to live servers whenever fixes are ready".

Next, it will focus on player movement, animations and character models, with the aim being to boost framerate across the board.

Improvements on optimization were also specified to be applied on the client-side and the servers.

They will also focus on server side optimization which includes reducing network latency, eliminate some inefficient network code, and stop the server from the server receiving rapidly updates on certain frames which will also resolve some abnormal physics affecting vehicles.

That brings us to cheating, where the PUBG dev team believes it has "made the most progress".

PUBG Dev Team promises optimisation and performance fixes