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Monkey escapes crate in San Antonio Airport

23 May 2018

Employees at the San Antonio International Airport found themselves in the midst of a little monkey business Monday afternoon after a primate escaped his crate and sent workers on a chase for almost two hours. Brown University in Rhode Island said the animal retired from research at the school, so it will be getting a new home at the refuge.

Airport spokesman Rich Stinson told AP that Dawkins didn't go near human travelers during the whole shenanigan, and that the activity was confined to a secure baggage area. An airport spokesperson said San Antonio was not the animal's final destination.

A monkey that broke out of its crate at an airport in Texas was captured Monday evening, according to American Airlines officials. So we knew where he was.

He made a break for freedom and for a short time, made it.

Dawkins was contained within an hour. He was eventually tranquilized and put back in a cage to continue his journey to the sanctuary. Dawkins, who looks to be about the size of a large dog, popped out of the crate around 3 p.m. and led officials on a chase. He is now resting after an exhausting escape.

Long story, short: the monkeys are rebelling.

"If we've learned anything about this, if you have wild animals in captivity. there's going to be unpredictability", Khetan said.

Dawkins was safely recaptured and sent on his way to Born Free USA, but not before sparking a minor media frenzy.

The animal was headed to a nice destination - a primate sanctuary.

Monkey escapes crate in San Antonio Airport