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Florida City Sends Alert About Power Outage, Zombies

23 May 2018

The city of Lake Worth, Florida recently had a major power outage that affected many of their residents.

The city sent out the alert to thousands of residents warning of "extreme zombie activity".

"Now the system has been scrubbed and there will be no further zombie messaging until the actual zombie investigation comes", Kerr said.

The town of Lake Worth sent out the message Sunday. But the authority still could not figure out the culprit, who somehow got into the system and posted zombie jokes.

City officials told ABC affiliate WPBF, that an alert is automatically sent during power outages.

"And, why did he say there was no zombie activity *currently*?".

The alert also made a reference to "Terminus", a location in the zombie TV show, The Walking Dead.

He reported the power outage only lasted for 27 minutes.

Kerr also clarified that, though the pre-programmed alerts system was obviously hacked, the systems controlling the city's power haven't been. Officials are now looking into how the message was altered and who is responsible. Protective Relays operated as created to isolate a fault within the boundaries of a main system Transformer. "Engineering will perform a full review of the transformer prior to return it to service".

Florida City Sends Alert About Power Outage, Zombies