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Texas Gov.'s Campaign Cancels Shotgun Giveaway After Santa Fe School Shooting

22 May 2018

A teenage boy opened fire with his father's shotgun and handgun at Santa Fe High School a few miles down the road, in an attack that left 10 dead, eight of them children, in the first mass school shooting amid the Parkland students' movement.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who called the rampage "one of the most heinous attacks we've ever seen in the history of Texas schools", said Pagourtzis allegedly telegraphed his desires to carry out the shooting and then commit suicide in a series of journal entries.

In the Santa Fe High School shooting, restrictions on bump stocks, assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and more strident background checks would not have affected suspect Dimitrios Pagourtzis' ability to obtain weapons.

The Santa Fe Independent School District (ISD) denied accounts from some classmates that Pagourtzis had been bullied, including by a football coach.

Hundreds have paid their respects at a packed Houston-area mosque in the first funeral for a shooting victim. "Wait till that phone call comes in, until you know they're safe", he said.

Shana Fisher told her mother that Dimitrios Pagourtzis repeatedly hit on her, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Rodriguez said that her daughter stood up to him and "embarrassed him in class".

Santa Fe high school had recently won a statewide safety award for its efforts to secure the school against active shooters.

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In Santa Fe on Sunday, many churches and businesses had signs outside with messages such as "Santa Fe strong" and "Santa Fe ISD we are here for you".

Reese Tisdale, a police detective and the son of victim Cynthia Tisdale, said in a statement read by a spokeswoman that his mother worked as a substitute teacher "for the love of teaching and helping others". But he stressed that guns were not to blame, explaining that they are "part of who we are as a nation". He immediately waived his Miranda rights and is now in solitary confinement. "I was just here in Texas in November 10 in Sutherland, Texas where 26 people were murdered, why am I having to do so much".

He said the two officers were in the hallway and the shooter was in the classroom. Instead, they are looking for leaders to help the country through a slow-rolling epidemic, one that has claimed almost 175,000 lives since Sandy Hook, and so many other kinds of victims, as well. "We have families that are broken apart, no fathers at home".

"And I want us to come together and unite", she told Cogburn.

"They think we're leftist nutcases coming for everyone's guns", she said.

"I don't blame the murder of my girl on American society but on that terrorism mindset that is there in all societies", her uncle Ansar Sheikh said, adding: "We need to fight it all over the world".

At least two of the wounded were still hospitalized, including school police officer John Barnes who remained in critical condition, said the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Texas Gov.'s Campaign Cancels Shotgun Giveaway After Santa Fe School Shooting