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Holidaymaker's pool comparison picture goes viral

18 May 2018

A woman got a huge surprise when she arrived at her hotel room to find the large infinity pool she was promised was actually a small hot tub raised above the ground.

Although Kershaw took the news well (she found it "funny" and didn't want to make a formal complaint), the hotel has now updated the website to say "jacuzzi" and got in contact to resolve the issue. The large pool depicted online was just a small hot-tub that was above the ground and it looked terrible, to say the least.

Jessica Kershaw tweeted a side-by-side comparison of the pool with the caption "Our hotel pool in Vietnam, vs reality".

The angle in which the picture was taken made it look like a lavish swimming pool.

The tweet has collected more than 78,000 retweets and 170,000 likes since being shared.

The tweet has gained traction among Twitter users, with people pointing out the ladder to the pool was too small to fit the word "welcome".

However, Jenny insisted she wasn't interested in filing an official complaint and replied: 'It's ok, I don't want to file a's just amusing and I notice the pictures conveniently been changed now anyway...' She just thought it was amusing.

Even after this hilarious encounter, the hotel has still not deleted the misleading image from its website.

Holidaymaker's pool comparison picture goes viral