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Woman held over murder of Nigerian attaché in Sudan

17 May 2018

Habibu Almu, the Nigerian diplomat who was recently assassinated in Khartoum, Sudan, was murdered by a Sudanese of Nigerian origin, according to the ministry of foreign affairs.

Until his death, Almu held the rank of Assistant Comptroller in the Nigerian Immigration Service.

Nigeria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Monday confirmed that Sudanese authorities had arrested one Inas Khalid Maikano, who had confessed to the crime.

The investigations also revealed that after committing the heinous crime, the suspect allegedly stole some of the deceased personal belongings, including cash.

He said that the suspect has been arrested and detained by the security agency in Sudan.

He said that the mission was working very closely with host authorities in their investigations over the incident.

The ministry's spokesperson, Dr. Tope Elia-Fatile, in a statement in Abuja alleged that the suspect, a student at the Sudanese-Canadian College in Khartoum, killed Almu in his official quarters on Thursday.

The Federal Government had condemned the murder of the diplomat and pledged to would work with Khartoum to arrest the culprit.

Elias-Fatile said: "The Ministry has received the sad news of the untimely death of the Immigration Attache in our Mission in Khartoum, Sudan".

Woman held over murder of Nigerian attaché in Sudan