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Watch J. Cole's Interview with Angie Martinez

17 May 2018

Cole cleared the air this morning (May 16), when he released his highly anticipated interview with Angie Martinez.

"It started to feel like J. Cole, which sounds weird even saying that in conversation.that name started feeling like a box". The chat took place at Salaam Remi's house. Cole sat down with Power 105 radio personality Angie Martinez for an interview about the success of his new album, as well as meditation, social media addiction, Kanye West, and beefing with Soundcloud rappers.

J. Cole's latest album KOD broke the Spotify record for biggest opening day with 36.6 million plays, which was previously held by Drake " s More Life album.

This post is being updated. "But when I say 'kiLL Edward, ' what I'm talking about is like the shit that I feel like I inherited from him". I actually fuck with they music.

"I feel like he's really good at sampling language that will resonate and it just so happened that this time he sampled the wrong shit", Cole said of West's controversies, specifically his Trump bromance. "I needed a fire name so it checks that box", he said.

Sorry K-Dot Fans, But There Will Not Be a J. Cole/Kendrick Lamar Collab Album... "It's not that I wouldn't want to work with him, that's not the case", he said. I'ma go in on the whole situation, but I feel hesitant to go in for the public. Cole did disclose there was a session years ago and it was a bounce of ideas between the two. "He got a career I got a career, I got a family he got a family, it's like... it would have been easier back then". And when I'm writing "False Prophets" - which that song isn't about him - there's one verse that applies to him, for sure, but if you listen to that song it's about what this sh- is exposing ... "With social media, I was off it so long that I thought I had beat this addiction".

The K.O.D. emcee added that Yeezy did apologize, though, as Cole expressed that he felt the GOOD Music leader used his name and their brief conversation exclusively for social media and to "keep [his] thing going, whatever [he was] doing", Cole said. "That's the real truth".

Watch J. Cole's Interview with Angie Martinez