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Una iPhone X Tesla, te costará 4.587 dólares - English

17 May 2018

The iPhone X Tesla is a customized iPhone X plated in carbon and gold with a built-in solar battery.

Oh, and it's all yours for a whopping $4,590 (£3,392).

A higher capacity version, which can hold 256GB, costs 299,000 rubles (£3,580 or £4,830). The first of the lot is intended for Elon Musk and will feature an extra engraving of the words "Made on Earth by Humans".

Caviar is known for making elaborate accessories that cost thousands of dollars. Not too sure if he's signed off on the use of the Tesla name for this product, though.

The firm behind its creations says it has received pre-orders for 999 of the exclusive handsets. With the case on, the device is 16.2 mm (0.6 inches) thick, where without a case, an iPhone X is only 7.7 mm (0.2 inches) thick.

Per the website the device is black in colour, with a "shock-resistant case" and "impressive gold elements". This is the genuine smart luxury. This is innovative innovation'.

This model iPhone X needs no electric charge, because the back panel is carbon fiber hull equipped with a built battery that allows it to charge from sunlight or light from a bright lamp.

While the concept looks sharp, there are no details on the solar panel capabilities and it is likely more for show than anything else.

The case, however, is bulky and increases the thickness of the phone by a considerable margin.

Specifically, you'll need to generate close to $3600-worth of power to justify the cost of the 'Tesla' case, which comes complete with a 64GB iPhone X for $4600. The Energy Saving Trust calculates that the average cost of electricity in the United Kingdom is 14.37p per kWh, so the case would have to generate 18,580 kWh to become a net game.

Una iPhone X Tesla, te costará 4.587 dólares - English