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The keto diet reduces the risk of loss of sight following glaucoma

17 May 2018

Basically, the ketogenic diet is a high fat, low protein and low carbohydrate diet that forces the body into a state of ketosis - a natural metabolic state considered safe in most people, which may help with fast weight loss. These conclusions were obtained on mice. Glaucoma is considered as a progressive disease where the cells that transmit the visual data to the brain tend to damage gradually. This disease affects 1% of the population over 40 years old. These diet plans are helpful in maintaining the vision in glaucoma patients.

The findings led by Denise Inman from the Northeast Ohio Medical University in the USA showed that low carb, high fat diet protects retina cells and their connections to the brain from degeneration.

If the results of this study are conclusive, researchers must conduct larger studies to confirm their results.

Diabetic patients are more likely to develop glaucoma than normal healthy people which makes a connection between glaucoma and metabolic stress that you might want to know.

The low-carb diets are as popular as the Ketogenic diets in today's date. This is because ketogenic diet is high in saturated fat, which may protect the heart against complications.

The study has been published in the J Neurosci Journal where it shows how a feeding mice model genetically modified to generate glaucoma.

The research found that feeding mice, which are genetically modified to develop glaucoma, a ketogenic diet composed of almost 90 percent fat for two months protected retinal cells from degeneration by increasing energy availability. Although further research is required to ascertain whether a dietary intervention in the form of keto diet will actually be effective for glaucoma patients, this study has certainly indicated the diet may have more potential than just weight loss. It may also reduce inflammation, leading to a healthy heart.

The keto diet reduces the risk of loss of sight following glaucoma