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The House That Jack Built trailer, cast and reviews

17 May 2018

In the network appeared the first trailer of the film "the House that Jack built", directed by Lars von Trier. What can I say?

Indeed, the Danish filmmaker once found himself barred from the Cannes Film Festival after revealing he "sympathised" with Hitler during a press conference at the premiere of his film, Melancholia. We only hear his voice as he dares Jack to tell him something surprising about his 12-year murder spree.

Starring Matt Dillon, who plays a serial killer, the film has sparked outrage at the renowned global festival.

Those critics that watched the entirety of The House That Jack Built described the movie as "an ordeal of gruesomeness" and "two and a half hours of self-reflexive torture porn". In fact, his latest film 'The House That Jack Built' has taken violence to a different level altogether.

THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT takes place in 1970s USA.

The House That Jack Built is hardly the first Cannes premiere to prompt walkouts.

The trailer hints at some of the more controversial scenes including Jack mutilating a young woman and later murdering children.

The House That Jack Built hasn't yet got a United Kingdom release date, but the film is scheduled to come out in Denmark on November 29, 2018.

There's Something About Mary and The Outsiders actor Matt Dillon stars as the serial killer Jack.

Other cast members include American Honey's Riley Keough, Lost and Justified alum Jeremy Davies, and Swiss actor Bruno Ganz.

But while Cannes is often a solid indication of a movie worth seeing, there's always the possibility The House That Jack Built is both shocking and bad, with many critics noting von Trier's characteristic brutality towards women crosses the line from commentary on misogyny and into a flat, misogynistic depiction.

"I've never seen anything like this at a film festival", Variety's Ramin Setoodeh tweeted.

New York's Showbiz 411 said that the movie simply "should not have been made".

Asked about his research for the film, Von Trier said he had read a lot of Patricia Highsmith and that it was "a pleasure to write".

The House That Jack Built trailer, cast and reviews