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Square Enix is still cleaning up the PC port of Chrono Trigger

17 May 2018

After launching Chrono Trigger with a myriad of problems, Square Enix promised to fix it with a number of patches and they delivered the first one last month, and the second one today. However, the game was quickly sunk by negative reviews as it was revealed to be a poorly optimised port of the 2011 mobile version.

The latest update includes changes to the battle UI as well as the screen layout as well as control input to improve the experience for anyone using a gamepad or keyboard. Since then, though, Square Enix has been patching the game to fix numerous issues that players have had with it.

A new battle user interface (UI) has been added based on the look and feel of the original Chrono Trigger.

Furthermore, this patch improves the resolution of animated cut-scenes, increases the display area of animated cut-scenes, fixes instances where the game slowed down during certain scenes, and fixes other small bugs. The animated cutscenes have been improved, as well, with visuals being elevated quite a bit. Square Enix plans to roll out another update in early June that will "continue to tweak the UI outside of battle". That update will focus a lot more on-screen layout, which will hopefully make playing on a widescreen monitor more bearable.

Square Enix put the classic Super Nintendo RPG Chrono Trigger on Steam back in February, and it was such a pleasant surprise - until we got a closer look at the port. Thanks to these patches, fans of the classic game now have more reasons to play it other than for nostalgia.