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Simon Kinberg hopes Gambit movie will shoot this summer

17 May 2018

According to Variety, producer Simon Kinberg gave a status update on the forthcoming film GAMBIT, set to star Channing Tatum.

The Gambit movie can't seem to catch a break. On the one hand, that would be roughly in line with the previous timeline if the production does indeed start over the summer. And despite the fact that the movie still hasn't been able to lock down a director, producer Simon Kinberg is hopeful that the 20th Century Fox film will begin shooting this summer.

"We have a script that's extraordinary, that we love, that [Channing Tatum] loves", Kingberg said. "We've met with a bunch of directors in the last few weeks and we're hoping to pick one in the next couple of weeks, then shoot the movie maybe this summer". Still, you can't blame the guy for hedging a little considering how much this movie has gone through. The project has been in the talks since 2015 and the production of the film has been postponed several times due to the exit of three different directors.

Gambit is now slated to arrive in theaters on June 7, 2019.

It hasn't quite been 10 years yet since Tatum signed onto the Gambit project and it began a realistic development process, but unless that director search bears fruit, it could see another year or two bump as the creative can is kicked in favor of X-Force and the Dark Phoenix saga. Whether that would ultimately make Gambit part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or not is anyone's guess. I'm not saying Gambit is the next Deadpool, but it certainly wouldn't be so bad if it was.

Simon Kinberg hopes Gambit movie will shoot this summer