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Scientists Claim Octopuses to be "Aliens"

17 May 2018

Do octopuses have alien origin?

It might sound weird at first, but then looking at the evidence, you'll that it all makes sense.

The paper reads that the possibility that the cryopreserved Squid or octopus eggs, came in icy bodies many hundred million years back should not be discarded as that would be a parsimonious cosmic explanation for the Octopus's sudden appearance on Earth circa some two hundred and seventy million years back.

BuzzFeed News also offered its own debunking of the theory that octopuses might have come from an alien planet, writing that museums have a vast collection of meteorites dating back several millions of years ago, but none of them appear to have any genetic material embedded.

The octopuses and their entire class of cephalopods are known to possess the ability of editing their bodies.

On the other hand, scientists can not pin this spectacular ability on evolution. The biologists regard this as an "advanced biological capability", which emerged from the outer space.

The octopus, cuttlefish, and squids can regularly rephrase their RNA. This a unique trait that can not be found in other animals on Earth.

Joshua Rosenthal, the US Marine Biological Laboratory researcher said that the research showed that the "high level of RNA editing" is probably an "invention of the coleoid cephalopods". However, the DNA molecule is double-stranded whereas the RNA molecules have only a single strand. However, the researchers of the study feel that in the early organisms of the Earth, the RNA might have been working as the DNA, by storing the genetic codes permanently in them.

However, editing their RNA comes with a cost, according to the Rosenthal.

"The conclusion here is that in order to maintain this flexibility to edit RNA, the coleoids have had to give up the ability to evolve in the surrounding regions - a lot".

The study claimed that "space-based transfer of life" was much more prominent than imagined.

They called this phenomenon "Panspermia", and it basically claims that aliens contributed to populating Earth several billions of years ago.

Finally, the study concludes that octopus' eggs, bacteria, viruses or cells could have reached Earth after the Cambrian Explosion, thus leading to the increase of genetic diversity and the emergence of humankind. Andre specializes in environmental health, but writes on a variety of issues.

Scientists Claim Octopuses to be