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Robbery suspect assaulted West Hartford officer

17 May 2018

Hartford Deputy Police Chief Brian Foley said a member of a federal Drug Enforcement Administration task force shot the man as he drove up on a curb toward officers after being seen selling heroin.

West Hartford police Sgt. Steven Hinckley found the suspect a short time later in the parking lot of Cumberland Farms on New Park Avenue.

Police responded to the Walgreens on North Main Street for the report of a shoplifting incident. Witnesses said the man, who matched the description of the armed robbery suspect, was asking customers for money, saying his rental U-Haul truck ran out of gas.

When officers attempted to detain the suspect, he attempted to drive off. Foley said that DEA agents fired one or two shots, striking the suspect.

Anderson was carrying a heavy bag and swung it forcefully at the officer, hitting the officer in the head.

The suspect resisted the officer's attempt to restrain him and forced the officer to the ground, police said.

The officer kicked the suspect off, police said, and he attempted to flee but the officer was able to get him to the ground where he was successfully restrained with the assistance of other officers.

The officer was brought to a local hospital and treated for head trauma.

Zene is being held on $250,000 bond.

Robbery suspect assaulted West Hartford officer