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Ram Madhav Heads Hyper BJP Leaders Against TDP

17 May 2018

"(TDP supremo and AP chief minister) Chandrababu Naidu said that Telugu people will not vote for us in Karnataka, but that did not happen.

AP finance minister Yanamala Ramakrish-nudu said more than 60 per cent people in Telangana had opposed the BJP in Karnataka even though it had won more seats. Mr Naidu tried to get the BJP defeated in Karnataka and the election result should be a lesson to him, he said. The BJP against expectations emerged as the single largest party by winning 104 Assembly seats in Karnataka. In Bengaluru City, Congress got 15 seats, while BJP got 11 seats. In Bellary, despite the roping in the Reddy brothers, the BJP won three out of nine seats. The phrase "Our Southward March has begun" indicates the mood of the BJP Leaders right now.

The politics of the neighbouring state is likely to have influenced voters as the ruling TDP in Andhra has been engaged in a bitter battle with the BJP since the party quit the NDA two months ago.

Mr Naidu has broken off with the BJP-led NDA over the denial of special status to Andhra Pradesh. Telugu's had not voted for the BJP which resorted to conspiracies and collusion politics. But Narendra Modi entered the campaign and made it a Modi versus Rahul game.

With a day left for the announcement of the Karnataka election results, political parties in Andhra Pradesh in general and the TDP in particular, are eagerly waiting for the outcome. He cited that though the BJP won more number of seats, its voting percentage was less than the Congress.

For some time now, the TDP leaders are apprehensive that the BJP leaders will target the State government after Karnataka elections are over. Citing the Centre for Media Studies (CMS) report, the Minister alleged that the BJP had spent Rs.10,500 crore to win the Assembly election in Karnataka.

Ram Madhav Heads Hyper BJP Leaders Against TDP