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NY Senator: Dairy farms needs $300M emergency funding now

17 May 2018

This, Gillibrand said, is unacceptable and must be rectified.

Gillibrand said about 1,200 dairy farms have closed in just the past decade and stressed that action must be taken prior to the passage of the next farm bill, with the current farm bill due to expire at the end of the year.

New York Farm Bureau will evaluate her proposal, spokesman Steve Ammerman said. "Milk prices are now so low that they (the farmers) are losing money on every pound of milk they produce, no matter how hard they work". These farms are the bedrock of the agricultural economy and rural communities throughout the state.

"In this fourth year of declining milk prices and farm incomes, the ability of dairies to continue to operate depends more on a farmer's collateral and ability to shoulder ever-greater debt rather than on the underlying fundamental health of their farm", her letter reads in part.

According to the USDA monthly milk production report issued on April 23rd, NY dairy farmers received $15.60 per hundredweight for raw milk, down $3.50 from January 2017. Gillibrand said. "I've heard stories of depression and suicide among our dairy farmers, and it outrages me".

In order to provide immediate assistance, the senator wants the U.S. Department of Agriculture to authorize $300 million in emergency relief funding for dairy farmers. Perdue previously provided to cotton farmers.

And the USDA does have the authority to provide direct financial assistance to struggling agricultural industries - they already granted $300 million to support cotton farmers and an industry "literally 10 percent the size" of dairy earlier this year.

"Dairy farmers need relief and it can not wait for the Farm Bill", Gillibrand said.

"Each dairy farmers on average would get 8000 dollars in New York's state". "This is an emergency for numerous state's dairy farmers, who are in search of relief from four years of low milk prices".

"Her heart is in the right place, but the impact will not be large enough", he said. The National Farmers Union notes that financial risk, volatile markets, unpredictable weather, social isolation and heavy workloads have put a significant strain on farmers and ranchers.

"By every measure and across every product class, milk prices remain well below historic averages and the cost of production, meaning that most farmers continue to lose money on every pound of milk they produce", Gillibrand said.

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Nebraska Farm Bureau President Steve Nelson on Wednesday joined with other Midwest Farm Bureau leaders in urging the Trump administration to end the escalation of trade disputes with China that threaten US agricultural export opportunities.

NY Senator: Dairy farms needs $300M emergency funding now