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Listen to Kevin Gates' New EP "Chained to the City"

17 May 2018

Kevin Gates was released from jail in January, and is back in full fledge content mode. Gates was released earlier this year after serving nine months of his sentence. But because of the restrictions of his probation, Gates can't leave IL, where he served out his prison sentence.

Chicago is restricting his travel, which means he couldn't make it to Miami to perform at last weekend's Rolling Loud festival stop and is otherwise hindered from traveling to perform and record. But he can release music, and now he's doing that.

Thankfully, he's been in the studio as well - this week sees a surprise 3-track EP from Gates titled Chained To The City.

On "Change Lanes", Gates calls his prison sentence a "wrongful conviction", while he reminisces about growing up in the NOLA on "Vouch". Gates is firmly in his bag on the EP, alleviating any concerns that he'd come out of prison off his game. It's got his mix of pathos and ferocity, his deeply felt croak bursting out even as he puts it into bluesy sing-rap melodies. Check out all three songs below.

Stream Chained to the City below.

Listen to Kevin Gates' New EP