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'F**k Turkey': Netanyahu's son posts controversial image on Instagram

17 May 2018

As an Israeli-Turkish tit-for-tat is in full swing, Israeli prime minister's son posted a controversial picture under an explicit caption.

In October, he posted on his Facebook account a cartoon that alluded to popular conspiracy theories including one that reptilians are masters of the universe and implied that Jewish philanthropist George Soros was behind accusations that Sara Netanyahu, Yair's mother, misused public funds to purchase prepared meals. In Yair's image, the crescent replaced the letter "c" in the word 'f*ck'.

Turkey withdrew its ambassador from Israel on Monday and kicked out Israel's envoy a day later after describing the death of 60 Palestinians in Gaza border clashes as a "massacre".

Israel expelled Turkey's consul-general in Jerusalem and, on Wednesday, summoned the country's deputy ambassador in Tel Aviv for a dressing down. Meanwhile, the Turkish and Israeli Prime Ministers exchanged jibes as Erdogan called Benjamin Netanyahu "the PM of an apartheid state" who "has the blood of Palestinians on his hands" while Netanyahu in his turn lambasted Erdogan for "the occupation of northern Cyprus" and "invading Syria".

Yair appears to have deleted his account but numerous screenshots of the vulgar text, which appears on a backdrop of the Turkish flag, have been shared on social media.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's son Yair Netanyahu is seen at the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem on September 17, 2013.

Israel responded in kind, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying Erdogan "well understands terrorism and slaughter" and should not preach to Israel over military ethics. Former Klu Klux Klan leader David Duke tweeted his approval, writing, "Welcome to the club, Yair - absolutely wonderful, wow, just wow".

Previously in January, a video recording from 2015 of Yair Netanyahu bragging about his father's controversial gas deals and exposing his lavish lifestyle, including prostitutes, at the expense of taxpayers was aired on the country's top-rated news broadcast.