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Cleanup Under Way After Deadly NY Storm

17 May 2018

An 11-year-old girl in NY, who was helping her mother unpack their auto during a powerful storm, was killed when a tree snapped and fell onto their vehicle.

The woman was transported to Nyack Hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

The accident happened just after 4 p.m.

States of emergencies were declared in Putnam, Dutchess, Orange and Sullivan counties, which were hit by strong winds and marble-sized hail.

Utility crews with Central Hudson Gas and Electricity were out in full force working to restore power.

Officials said the girl and her mother had arrived home and were unloading the auto when wind caused a large tree to fall onto the vehicle. The mother stood outside the auto in tears as the fire department worked. Police were withholding the identities of the mother and daughter as of Tuesday night.

"The mother was on the porch, crying, 'My daughter, my daughter, '" Ramon Rodriguez, a witness, told NBC News 4 NY.

A video taken from the scene shows the SUV completely mangled as large tree limbs rested on top.

The National Weather Service is investigating whether any tornadoes occurred Tuesday. In Danbury, a man was doing yard work at a residence at Candlewood Lake when he saw the storm and chose to shelter in his pickup truck.

According to NOAA, meteotsunamis are possible in many lakes, seas and oceans around the world when conditions are right.

Cleanup Under Way After Deadly NY Storm