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Casinos Weigh In on Supreme Court Sports Gambling Decision

17 May 2018

During his tenure as a USA senator from New Jersey, Bradley was one of the sponsors of the legislation that became the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992.

" Because whether we like it or not, our neighboring states CT and NY are already engaging with legal changes, and we have a huge new casino opening in Springfield on August 24 and there will be a lot of implications for them as well", said Lesser.

With Capped Sports' potential running hot right now, Lindsey is eager to find people who are interested in what he's doing for possible partnerships.

Steve Nash knows. legalized sports betting won't go off without a hitch - noting that in the past, "sh*t's happened".

PASPA made an exception for Nevada, which allowed sports gambling in casinos, and grandfathered in three states that allowed sports lotteries or pools.

When Bradley's legislation grandfathered the state of Nevada, legislators in New Jersey came up with an idea to get around the federal legislation that would permit Atlantic City casinos to compete with those in Las Vegas by repealing all laws about sports betting, thereby escaping the federal prohibition on "authorizing" sports betting. They had sued New Jersey in 2012 when the state adopted a constitutional amendment to legalize sports betting despite the federal law. There, they can be laboratories of democracy, dependent upon the public sentiment of their voters and the freely exercised consciences of their state representatives. Instead, however, it gave New Jersey, alone among the 46 states that did not already have such betting, one year to adopt it, after which New Jersey would be forbidden to do so.

Not pictured: high school sports.

The gamble is not a sure thing since not everyone is on board with the Supreme Court's ruling earlier this week that allows states to offer sports betting. Although it has always been this way, the Supreme Court decision provides some much-needed clarity. States now are free to legislate on the issue any way they choose.

In fact, the anti-commandeering doctrine was until now a bit more subtle.

Depending on what decision Florida makes, Alcock says there may be some federal regulation coming down the pipeline, but the state would have to come up with a framework of rules and regulations. The federal government can not force states back into a prohibitionary standard. That helped get legislation by former state Sen.

What was tricky about this extension of states' rights is that Congress is permitted to pre-empt state laws by passing its own laws.

The court also went further.

Stremming says they're excited the State of MS was proactive in their approach to "basically bring sports wagering out of the shadows and into the light and give consumers some protections they deserve".

SCOTUS' sports betting ruling reinforces states' rights and is another nail in the coffin of online gaming ban effort.

That clause guarantees a representative form of government in each state.

The ruling now leaves it to state legislatures to decide whether they want to end existing state bans and try to capitalize on the billions illegally wagered each year.

Selig said he took part in a conference call of Conference USA athletic directors Tuesday to discuss the topic and expects it to be a major discussion point at next week's league's meetings in Destin, Florida.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito delivered the majority opinion, being joined by Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, Elena Kagan, and Neil Gorsuch.

In the wake of the Court's decision, there are several actions that leagues, teams, conferences, and schools should take to prepare for a world where state-sanctioned sports betting is commonplace.

Casinos Weigh In on Supreme Court Sports Gambling Decision