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Boulder Gun Ban Includes Assault Weapons, Bump Stocks, Large Magazines

17 May 2018

The ban was proposed in response to the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, on February 14. And now, the city of Boulder, Colorado, is following suit.

The Boulder City Council banned the sale and possession of assault weapons, high-capacity magazines and bump stocks in a unanimous vote on Tuesday night.

In accordance with the new ordinance, owners of high-capacity magazines and bump stocks will have until July 15 to dispose of the firearm accessories or sell them. After that point, they will not be permitted in the city of Boulder.

"Subsection (c)" provides an avenue for legal owners of assault weapons before June 15 to get a certification from local law enforcement by submitting to a background check, securely storing the weapon, and only possessing it on their own property, on the premises of a gunsmith, or on a licensed firing range, or while traveling to or from one of those locations.

The city council is likely to amended the new assault weapons ban in various ways in the coming weeks.

During a public comment period before the vote, attorneys for the Mountain States Legal Foundation told councilors they would challenge the ban in court.

Hundreds of gun owners and Second Amendment supporters, several of whom openly carried rifles, held a rally last month in Boulder to protest the proposed ordinance.

In April, the village of Deerfield, Illinois, approved a similar "assault weapons" ban, which was met three days later with a lawsuit filed by gun-rights groups and a local resident, the Chicago Tribune reported. And while that piece of the ordinance may very well be amended in the future, as it now stands, the law represents continued and groundbreaking local action in the effort to restrict access to assault weapons.

Owners of semi-automatic firearms would have until December 31 to remove, destroy or give the weapons to the Boulder Police Department unless they obtain a city permit showing that the guns were purchased prior to the ban.

Boulder Gun Ban Includes Assault Weapons, Bump Stocks, Large Magazines