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Will 2018's iPhones Include 18W, USB-C Fast Charging in the Box?

16 May 2018

Otherwise, you're stuck to regular charging speeds offered by the default charger that ships with either handset.

According to details obtained by ChargerLab, the 2018 iPhones will indeed ship with 18-watt USB-C to Lightning fast chargers. It would make sense that he would be close to the Apple supply chain. ChargerLab also took that information and created a set of renders depicting what the new 18W power brick could look like. As the site's sources focused on the European version of the charger, it also includes a hexagonal portion with circular pins that would be absent from North American and Japanese versions of the accessory, in favor of flat blades. In other words, expect a Lightning to USB-C cable and a USB-C power adapter. A new iPhone SE revision is expected in the next couple of months, but is unlikely to include the new USB-C charger due to its lower price.

The new report, as well as the Weibo post that proceeded it, suggest that the power adapter could be rated at 18W - a significant boost from the standard and ubiquitous 5W power brick that now ships with Apple iPhones. This new charger and cable would both be included in the iPhone's box, enabling charging through either wall outlets or USB-C-equipped computers. "Using a USB-C for power delivery should result in significantly faster power delivery compared to the USB-A ports that Apple had been using since 2007". It eschews Apple's typical square block design for a slimmer rounded oblong shape.

Apple might finally include fast USB-C chargers with 2018 iPhones
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Besides faster charging, there are more advantages to this move.

Regardless of what the new charger looks like, what's really important is that USB-C to Lightning charging will bring fast-charging support to iPhones out of the gate.

That means that Apple users could plug their iPhones directly into their MacBook Pro devices without the need for a dongle or adapter.

Will 2018's iPhones Include 18W, USB-C Fast Charging in the Box?