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Sports betting in New York: Coming soon, or not so fast?

16 May 2018

Supreme Court ruling Monday means all states can now join Nevada, Delaware, Montana and OR in allowing sports betting.

A Republican state senator wants to fast-track the rules for sports betting in NY so gamblers can place wagers as soon as the upcoming football season. Three others already had laws on the books authorizing sports betting in the event of a favorable Supreme Court decision, although there likely will be more debate about the specifics.

Monmouth Park officials say they could have their sports betting up and running within just a couple of weeks. It prohibited states from either operating sports gambling or authorizing private actors like casinos to run sports gambling.

If it passed a nationwide bill, Congress could require casinos, tracks or state governments to share some of their revenue with the sports leagues - or pay them what the leagues like to call "integrity fees", created to cover the costs of policing betting.

The NFL, the nation's most popular spectator sport, will have to reckon with its longstanding opposition to gambling, which many critics say is hypocritical because the league encourages fantasy sports, publishes detailed injury reports that help bookies set odds and schedules several games every season in London, where in-stadium betting is legal.

Hours after the ruling, the National Football League called on Congress to "enact a core regulatory framework" for legalized betting, citing "the potential harms posed by sports betting to the integrity of sporting contests and the public confidence in these events". That, according to Alito, violates states' rights. Sleight says it's traditionally hard to guess what the Indian nations might do under their gaming compacts, or when.

"Today the United States Supreme Court issued a clear decision that PASPA is unconstitutional, reversing the lower courts that held otherwise". "This is going to largely unfold on the state level".

While it will take some time for the state Legislature to iron out the details, the time to begin is now. To reach this conclusion, Alito relied on the notion that there was no functional difference between requiring the state to enact legislation and banning the state from enacting legislation. Alito acknowledged this authority, but said that Congress's power to pre-empt state law only relates to laws in which Congress regulates citizens directly, not to laws regulating the states.

The post-decision euphoria of Monday's landmark Supreme Court decision has naturally included endless speculation of how expansive an industry legalized sports betting might become.

The Garden State's own Representative Frank Pallone's GAME Gaming Accountability and Modernization Enhancement (GAME) Act - which was reintroduced in December 2017 - provides regulatory measures for underage gambling and gambling addiction.

"It remains to be seen how states will react to their newfound freedom, though this certainly opens the door to a large scale expansion of sports betting". She added that Alito had gone too far in striking down the state lottery ban through what she considered a doubtful reconstruction of what Congress would have intended.

A spokesman for the commission said Monday that the court decision is "under review". Of the liberals, only Justice Elena Kagan, the most tactically sophisticated of the group, joined Alito's opinion in full. "With the likelihood of increased legal sports gambling, even if Nevada loses share that share may be coming from a much larger pie". He is a professor of constitutional and worldwide law at Harvard University and was a clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter.

Sports betting in New York: Coming soon, or not so fast?