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Netgear Releasing Arlo Security Light

16 May 2018

Now if you live on a street that doesn't have sufficient lighting or if you're just looking to better protect your home, Netgear's Arlo has unveiled new a security light system.

These security lights will work in tangent with Arlo's security cameras, where if it detects that there is movement, it will turn itself and the cameras on to begin the recording process. Created to illuminate dark, outdoor areas around the perimeter of homes and commercial properties, the Arlo Security Light System allows users to receive alerts whenever motion is detected and manage their system via the Arlo mobile app.

The Security Light also works in tandem with the company's smart home cameras, flicking the switch to record when it detects motion, and bathing your exteriors in light.

Arlo Security Light can be controlled using Amazon Alexa and voice commands, as well as the Arlo app. Alerts are provided via push notifications and email. The Arlo Security Light System is expected to be available worldwide later in 2018. No professional assistance is required to install the lights, which include user-removable and rechargeable batteries, plus a mounting kit. The lights are colour changeable, so you can have the system flash multiple colours to make sure any would be intruders more cautious. Netgear, Arlo's owner, announced back in February that it meant to spin Arlo off as a separate company, thanks to its rampant growth, netting the company raking in 128.5 million of revenue, 67% up year-on-year.

One Arlo Security Light will cost $150, and in true Arlo style you can pick up two and three packs for $250 and $350 respectively.

Netgear Releasing Arlo Security Light