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Kent State' graduate's photo with AR-10 goes viral

16 May 2018

It's possible some of Bennett's classmates were uneasy with the firearm glorification, considering Kent State was the epicenter of one of the most culturally significant shootings in history when unarmed students were shot by the Ohio National Guard in 1970, resulting in 4 deaths and 9 injuries, during a protest of the Vietnam War. Kaitlin Bell, stands facing away from the camera with a gun slung over her shoulder in a white dress that matches the lettering on her graduation cap.

Bennett has since posted another picture, saying she has "no apologies" for the photos.

Bennett said in a tweet that now that she has graduated, she is allowed to carry a gun on campus.

"Don't talk about gun control", Bennett wrote, "when you can't even get your facts straight". "But you don't see a lot going viral about students who are pro-second amendment and pro-gun rights".

The tweet was retweeted more than 2,000 times and it generated thousands of more replies.

"It's because of you we have to fear for our lives", responded a Twitter user.

What do you think of the photos?

"I carry [a gun]". Bennett says Twitter suspended that person's account. However, Kent State's policy regarding deadly weapons states "Students, staff, faculty, and third parties doing business with the university are further prohibited from possessing, storing, or using a deadly weapon while outside on university grounds, that is owned, operated or leased by the university".

But visitors may openly carry a gun outside on campus, since it is considered public property of the state.

Kent State University spokesman Eric Mansfield said once Bennett graduated, she was "no longer restricted under the policy as a student".

Despite the attention, Bennett does not have any future plans in politics. She's planning a career in animal sciences. "They're cute. Humans? Nah".

Kent State' graduate's photo with AR-10 goes viral