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It's National Chocolate Chip day!

16 May 2018

So, whether you like chocolate chips in your muffins or your pancakes, today is the day to partake and thank Mrs. Wakefield for the sweetest of inventions!

Several companies are giving out free chocolate chip cookies as people celebrate the sweet treat, including 7Eleven, Chuck E. Cheese and Potbelly Sandwich Shop.

Opinions about chocolate chip cookies run deep.

On March 20, 1939, Wakefield gave Nestlé the right to use her cookie recipe and the Toll House name.

One, chocolate chips are boring-uniform in size and shape-which translates to boring cookies.

Nestle eventually signed a deal with Wakefield that gave her a lifetime supply of chocolate. These little clusters of chocolate make any recipe just a hint sweeter, which is something we will always appreciate. They now come in a variety of flavors including mint, white chocolate and bittersweet.

It's National Chocolate Chip day!