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Facebook's Zuckerberg will explain Cambridge Analytica scandal to EP committee

16 May 2018

The founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg acknowledged that the social network had made mistakes and apologized to users for the leak of personal data.

On Wednesday, EU Parliament President Antonio Tajani confirmed that Zuckerberg "will be in Brussels as soon as possible, hopefully already next week" and would meet with parliamentary leaders and an expert on civil liberties and justice.

The EU Parliament has some questions for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

More than a million of these victims are believed to be in the United Kingdom, but Mr Zuckerberg has so far refused to appear before British MPs, in a move they describe as absolutely astonishing. "It is a step in the right direction towards restoring confidence", he said.

"We have accepted the Council of President's proposal to meet with leaders of the European Parliament and appreciate the opportunity for dialogue, to listen to their views and show the steps we are taking to better protect people's privacy", said a Facebook spokeswoman in a statement.

"The Conference of Presidents chose to organise a hearing with Facebook and other parties concerned".

The EU and British parliaments have been calling for Zuckerberg to submit to an on-air grilling since it emerged earlier this year that a company, political consultants Cambridge Analytica, had been allowed to misuse the data of millions of Facebook users.

In April, Zuckerberg testified before Congress regarding Cambridge Analytica, data privacy, Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election and how the social network handles political points of view. In violation of the rules of Facebook, the data was transferred to a third party - Cambridge Analytica, founded by billionaire Robert Mercer.

The timing of Zuckerberg's visit may coincide with the introduction of Europe's new sweeping data protection laws on May 25. Zuckerberg testified before the US House of Representatives and the Senate in April. The law will give Facebook's millions of European users more control over what companies can do with what they post, search and click.

Zuckerberg has apologised for the scandal and rushed to announce changes to Facebook's privacy settings.

The British parliament also requested that Zuckerberg answer questions from lawmakers but the firm's chief technology officer attended that hearing instead. Its media committee even threatened to issue an official summons when Zuckerberg next enters the country, but he's still refusing to attend.

Rebecca Stimson, the head of policy for Facebook UK, told the committee in a letter on Monday that Zuckerberg "has no plans to meet with the committee or travel to the UK at the present time".

Facebook's Zuckerberg will explain Cambridge Analytica scandal to EP committee