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Cliff Bleszinski releases concept art for unreleased games

16 May 2018

Cliff Bleszinski was the studio head of Boss Key Productions, which he has chose to shut down recently after their failure to gain success with projects like LawBreakers and Radical Heights.

Bleszinski has been sharing early concept art and gameplay details of several Boss Key games the studio tried to get made, but sadly wasn't able to thanks to the lack of publisher interest.

Finally, Donuts was another VR project that Bleszinski says was meant to be a spiritual sequel to Toobin, with the major difference being that you playe as an animal. The developer of LawBreakers and Radical Heights "is no more", and he's taking a break from the video games industry.

Another title that he shared concepts and artwork for was codenamed "Rover" (later known as "DogWalkers"), which was a VR-planned project that would have players controlling and operating massive mechanical tank-like weapons co-operatively.

Starting off Bleszinski's Twitter storm, he reveals a concept art from a title called Dragonflies, Bleszinski describes the title as "Basically you were ninja/samurai in airships riding dragons fighting zombies with friends in a PVE "feudalpunk" setting on floating islands".

Fights would mostly take place in the air, and Bleszinski said the plan was to "do for dragon riding what Halo did for vehicles". You would also come across dragon eggs and hatch them.

Boss Key pitched DragonFlies to publishers including MS, Sony, EA, 2K and Activision to no success. Teams would duke it out in DOGs (Destructive Ordinance on the Ground) over 5v5v5v5v5 multiplayer matches. This one looks promising, unfortunately, we won't see that one too. You pitch something and the response is often "too similar to something we have or out there so no" or "this is too unique so we can't do a proper financial model for it".

Bleszinski emphasizes that these ideas were not his alone and that they represent a lot of people's hard work and creative talents.

Cliff Bleszinski releases concept art for unreleased games