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Apple Facing Class-Action Lawsuit Over Faulty MacBook Keyboards

16 May 2018

Apple revamped the built-in keyboard on its Mac laptop lineup in 2015 with a new butterfly switch mechanism. The lawsuit also takes issue with Apple's repair process for faulty keyboards, saying it doesn't permanently fix problems during the repair process.

Over the years, several problems have emerged with the butterfly keyboard.

Meanwhile, a petition calling on Apple to replace the MacBook Pro's keyboard design with a more reliable alternative now boasts more than 23,000 signatures.

Fixing butterfly keyboard issues through Apple can reportedly cost as much as $700. When one or more of the keys on the keyboard fail, the MacBook can no longer serve its core function: "typing". The petition has almost 24,000 online signatures, and its goal is 25,000.

Apple states that due to the slim design of the laptop, it was necessary to include a butterfly-mechanism keyboards, in order to maintain a slim profile which has always been the aesthetic standard of their products. Apple claims the keyboard is "four times more stable" despite its space-saving build.

Additionally, and this is an interesting point: You don't have to have a broken keyboard for you to join.

If your MacBook (2015 and later) or MacBook Pro (2016 and later) has an unresponsive key, or a key that feels different than the other keys when you press it, follow these steps to clean the keyboard with compressed air.

The class action is being spearheaded by the law firm Girard Gibbs which notes on its website that it's now investigating complaints that the keyboard on Apple's 2016 MacBook Pro design is defective.

Apple Facing Class-Action Lawsuit Over Faulty MacBook Keyboards