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Syria shoots down dozens of Israeli missiles

10 May 2018

If it is confirmed that it was indeed the Iranian forces that had launched the air strike, it would mark the first time that Iran had engaged in a direct strike on Israeli forces, the Guardian observed.

As previously reported, around midnight in many Israeli settlements located on the Golan heights, a siren sounded warning of a possible rocket or mortar attack.

Syrian state media, citing a military source on the incident, also did not elaborate.

Israel Defense Forces intercepted Iranian rockets fired from Syria into Golan Heights early Thursday, Israeli military officials said.

Activists in Queintra said it was artillery fire from Israeli positions in the Golan Heights. Iran did not immediately comment on the Israeli claims.

"We do not know yet the (Iranian) casualty count", he said.

He added that the Israeli army responded, but did not explain the nature of the retaliation.

Israel regards Iran as its biggest threat, and has repeatedly targeted Iranian forces and allied militia in Syria.

Israel says the targets included weapons storage facilities, logistics centers, intelligence sites and logistic sites used by elite Iranian forces in Syria.

"I presented Israel's obligation and right to defend itself against Iranian aggression, from Syrian territory".

Trump's withdrawal from the nuclear deal has added to tensions and led to a new level of uncertainty over how Iran will respond.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu traveled to Moscow on May 9 to meet with President Vladimir Putin and discuss military coordination in Syria. Following the lengthy meeting, Mr. Netanyahu stated, "I have just finished nearly ten hours in the company of President Putin".

Russian Federation and Israel have set up a hotline to avoid accidental clashes in Syria.

Netanyahu and Putin have held a series of meetings and phone conversations in recent months, mainly over Syria and the involvement there of Israel's arch-rival Iran.

Israel launched dozens of rockets into Syria early on Thursday according to Syrian state media, destroying a radar installation and hitting an ammunitions dump.

The war planes targeted Iranian forces in Syria, which prompted the Middle Eastern nation's air defence systems to blast the jets out of the sky.

"Additionally, defence systems have been deployed and IDF troops are on high alert for an attack", it said.