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Samsung's foldable phone to come out at MWC 2019

07 May 2018

It is being speculated that Samsung will manufacture the Galaxy X in limited numbers at first so it can gauge the demand. Korean book The Bell has heard from within sources which Samsung is planning to publish the Galaxy X in late February or early March of 2019.

The company is reported to launch four new smartphones under Galaxy J-series that will take the leverage of Infinity Display. It would be just like iPhone X FaceID. For example, Google offered this feature back in 2013 with its Nexus 4 smartphone while Samsung has already been passing through several years on wireless charging competition.

South Korean giant Samsung has been working on the Galaxy X for years.

In addition to its premium models, Samsung is trying hard to expand its middle-low priced phones in order to make a comeback in the largest smartphone market in the world. Or it may launch the Galaxy S10 minus the frills of a big tech event which means Samsung may hold its own conference at an altogether different time frame.

The Galaxy X could have three OLED displays, each of these measuring 3.5 inches.

Now, Samsung has been trying since the launch of the Galaxy S8 to include a display with a fingerprint scanner but has failed to do so because of technical issues. A couple of the displays are going to be on the interior that will face each other if the unit is folded (like a publication). The main advantage of the foldable smartphone is the fact that it can be used even in the folded state with the outside display panel. When opened, the device will provide its users with a 7-inch screen space to use it like tablet.

Not a great deal is known regarding the Galaxy X now. Rolling out a foldable device so soon after the Galaxy S10 will probably harm the latter's sales. Huawei will allegedly supply the OLED displays from LG Display.

Samsung's foldable phone to come out at MWC 2019