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Luke Cage is back in new trailer for season 2

07 May 2018

However, there will be some new players in Harlem when season 2 picks up, and one of them makes a splash in the newest Luke Cage trailer. Although those two are out of the picture, the Bushmaster looks like he has no trouble handling Luke (Mike Colter), whether he has bulletproof skin or not.

The show picks up sometime after Luke teamed up briefly with the other Defenders - Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter); Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil (Charlie Cox); and Danny Rand, aka Iron Fist (Finn Jones) - to save NY from The Hand.

Simone Missick will star as Harlem NYPD Detective Misty Knight, with Alfre Woodard as Mariah Dillard, Theo Rossi as street-smart criminal Hernan "Shades" Alvarez, Mustafa Shakir as John McIver, Gabrielle Dennis as Tilda Johnson and Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple, who also appeared in Marvel's Daredevil. And for some reason, Danny Rand will also be stopping by.

The two-minute glimpse at Luke Cage's sophomore season, embedded above, finds the bulletproof protagonist navigating his newfound fame, now that half of Manhattan knows he's indestructible.

Thirteen all new Marvel's Luke Cage episodes will premiere on June 22, 2018.

The trailer certainly features some gritty action and enough style to spare, which offers a bit of a contrast to the slow burn that was the second season of JESSICA JONES. With the rise of a formidable new foe, Luke is forced to confront the fine line that separates a hero from a villain.

Luke Cage is back in new trailer for season 2