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LifeWorks Feature for May: Mental Health Awareness

02 May 2018

There has been a lot of information and education of the public about mental health issues in recent years, but it still carries a stigma where people are reluctant to talk about it, even this affects every person, just like a person's physical health, and the effects can be felt in the lives of many people around us when issues come up.

He further requested to fund the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to ensure adults suffering from serious mental illness receive Assertive Community Treatment.

"The survey confirms the public knows what the research shows and what we see in clinic - the need for pediatric behavioral health services is significant", said Dr. David Axelson.

But 37 percent said financial concerns would prevent them from accessing these services, while 33 percent said insurance coverage is the main barrier to children's mental health support.

A Mental Health Awareness Informational Fair will be held Thursday at the Central Library on Lafayette Square from 10 1 p.m., with more than 25 community agencies providing information and seminars. Also, the Community Mental Health Services Block Grant will also be given economic support by the government. Expulsion rates of children prior to kindergarten are at rates up to 34 times higher than the rates of children expelled from kindergarten through 12th grade, combined.

It's all about the children and their mental health on Saturday at Linda K. Epling's Stadium. The hospital will continue to grow services across their multiple community locations and increase attention to integrating behavioral health care in to primary health care settings.

Behavioral health disorders in children can have a long-term, negative impact on their health and society, said Axelson, the hospital's chief of psychiatry and behavioral health.

LifeWorks Feature for May: Mental Health Awareness