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United Nations warns of growing nuclear weapons threat

24 April 2018

A senior Iranian official has warned that the country may leave the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty if US President Donald Trump decides to withdraw from the agreement on Iran's nuclear program.

Trump has told the Europeans that they must agree to "fix the awful flaws of the Iran nuclear deal" or he would re-impose the sanctions that Washington lifted as part of the pact.

The nuclear parties including the European Union, France, Germany, Britain, Russia, and China have reiterated their support for the worldwide nuclear agreement.

Christopher Ford, US Assistant Secretary for International Security and Nonproliferation said that while the North continued to violate legally-binding UN Security Council resolutions, the nonproliferation regime faced a real, but longer-term challenge from Iran.

He also said withdrawing from the NPT was among the options that Iran was considering.

The United States, which holds one of the world's largest nuclear arsenals, also warned the conference that the prospects for progress on disarmament was now "bleak".

The NPT, introduced at the height of the Cold War, seeks to prevent the spread of atomic weapons while putting the onus on nuclear states to reduce their stockpiles.

"I am telling those in the White House that if they do not live up to their commitments.the Iranian government will firmly react", Rouhani said in a speech.

"If they want to kill the deal, they have that option, but they have to face the consequences", the New Yorker quoted Zarif as saying. "Anyway, if he either quits or does not fulfill United States obligations, or further delays this adhesive agreement, it means the JCPOA has collapsed", adding that in that situation "it is not in Iran's interests to further show restraint".

Shamkhani also said Iran has the essential capabilities to expedite nuclear activities, threatening Iran will take "surprising actions" if the nuclear deal is sabotaged.

French President Emmanuel Macron is in Washington, trying to convince Trump not to tear up the accord.

United Nations warns of growing nuclear weapons threat