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Australian boy tricks family to fly to Bali alone

23 April 2018

While the mother of the unnamed Sydney youngster thought he was at school, he was, in fact, winging his way to Perth on his way to Denpasar, Bali.

A 12-year-old boy in Australia stole his mother's credit card and booked a solo trip to Indonesia after a fight with his mother. He then tricked his grandmother into giving him his passport.

Drew told his parents that he was going to school and instead took a train to the airport with his backpack and scooter.

His mum Emma, a mother-of-two, stated she was "shocked, disgusted", including: "There isn't any emotion to really feel what we felt once we discovered he had left for overseas".

The boy - who has not been named - now admits he was shocked nobody at Perth Worldwide Airport requested him why he was travelling alone.

He used self check-in to avoid dealing with staff at airports.

From Perth, he boarded his flight to Denpasar, even filming a video of the clouds while on the plane.

When he landed in Indonesia the boy, who had clearly done a lot of planning, headed to his pre-booked room at the All Seasons Hotel. He told staff his sister was still on her way.

Meanwhile, Emma reported him as missing the moment he was informed he did not arrive in school. They eventually figured out Drew was in Bali. Emma had to jump on a plane to fetch him back.

Drew didn't mind he was caught because he felt like it was worth the trouble.

The boy stated: "It was nice as a result of I wished to go on an journey".

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Australian boy tricks family to fly to Bali alone