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17 dead after 2 dragon boats overturn in China

22 April 2018

As a result of collision "draconian" boats in China killed 11 people.

The boats were practicing for a race in the Taohua River in the city of Guilin when the accident happened, the fire department confirmed.

The accident happened where two flows of the river converge causing a powerful current, the CCTV broadcaster said.

A smartphone video shown on Chinese television showed the boats capsizing as they navigated artificial rapids.

Around 40 people were pulled out of the water alive with rescue work ending around 10pm (1400 GMT), Xinhua said.

In total, nearly 60 people were tipped into the water, on a stretch of a river in the city of Guilin.

The people on the boats reportedly did not have life jackets on.

According to local media, eight boats and more than 200 people were sent to the scene for rescue efforts.

Police in Guilin explained without notifying police villagers had ordered a clinic session, and that two organisers were arrested.

Dragon boat racing is popular in various parts of Asia and the Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu) is a traditional holiday in China, this year on June 18.

17 dead after 2 dragon boats overturn in China